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Household Combustible Gas Detector JT-AN-805
Details   Parameter    
1. products introduction
This product is a combustible gas detector, which is used to detect the leakage of combustible gas and prevent the damage caused by gas leakage.
2.Product Parameter:

Working Voltage: AC220,50HZ
Power consumption: normal monitoring≤1.5W, alarm status≤2W
Warm-up time: 1 min
Detection gas: Methane
Gas collection method: free diffusion
Alarm concentration: 8%LEL (methane)
Range:  0~20%LEL (methane)
Sensor: Highly stable semiconductor sensor
Alarm mode: the red indicator light flashes and the buzzer sounds
Service life 5 years
Reset mode: When the concentration of combustible gas is lower than the alarm concentration, it will automatically reset
Alarm sound: more than 70dB and less than 115dB (1m directly in front)
Control output port: output DC12V power supply (current limit 0.12A),
Environment temperature: -10℃~50℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%, no condensation
Installation method: wall-mounted
Dimensions: 116*60*37mm
3.Product application
 The product isWidely used in homes, hotels, apartments and other places where flammable gas leaks Perform security monitoring. It can detect natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and artificial coal gas.
4. Product feature
a、High quality gas sensor,good sensitivity and long life.
b、AC220V power supply, control output port press-button wiring, easy to install and wire.
c、The control output port can choose the type of control equipment
d、Built-in buzzer, warning sound
e、LED lights display self-inspection, alarm, and fault status
f、Real-time collection of methane gas concentration, program algorithm logic processing alarm

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