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ABI 6 Beams Wireless Barrier
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1. products introduction
The installation and debugging of this product is simple, convenient and beautiful; it is suitable for places where construction is inconvenient, institutions, schools, villas, factories and other places where thieves need to be prevented from entering. It plays a role of perimeter prevention and alarm, which can effectively ensure personal safety and avoid property losses.
2.Product feature
   2.1  Long battery life, 4 years on one battery
   2.2  The million-level code chip is safe and has no vulnerabilities
   2.3  Intelligent fuzzy control technology, bid farewell to false alarms
   2.4  Waterproof grade IP66
   2.5  PC tube fully sealed structure, easy to face wind, frost, rain, snow and dust storm
   2.6  Super lightning protection capability
   2.7  Low battery reminder function
3.Product Parameter:

Beams ABI10-916W
Alarm current 0.3mA
Battery life 4 years Maximum
Detection distance 10m
Wireless frequency 433Mhz
Working current 120uA
Interruption period ≥40ms
Dimension 39*39*910mm
Waterproof grade IP66
Wireless transmission distance 100m in open area
Working mode 3 options(Interruption of all 6 beams or upper 2 beams, middle 2 beams or below 2 beams)

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