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Security Radar
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1. products introduction
ABR-60M regional security radar is a compact 60GHz ISM band millimeter wave radar developed by Shenzhen Alean Security Equipment Co., Ltd. The radar sensor is specially designed for regional security and has the characteristics of large detection angle, high sensitivity, strong environmental adaptability, stable performance, easy integration, and high cost performance. It can actively report intrusion targets. Through signal processing and pattern recognition, it can distinguish between human and vehicle targets, and effectively filter out insects, birds and other animal interference.
2.Product application
The regional radar system uses invisible electromagnetic wave detection, does not require complicated wiring, is easy to install, and is suitable for more application scenarios (prisons, camps, squares, ports, oil fields, oil depots, etc.).
3.Product feature
3.1  Active detection, three-dimensional defense
3.2  FMCW modulation mode, in-depth target recognition
3.3  Multi-target tracking, efficient detection
3.4  Multiple digital signal processing technology, fast positioning
3.5  Low false alarm rate and better environmental adaptability
4.1   Fault:Nothing happens after power-on?
        Solution:Whether the buzzer beeps twice during the power-on process of the radar. If you do not hear it, please                check whether the power cord is secure. Whether the polarity of the radar power cord is correct, whether the radar          power supply voltage (DC 12V) and working current are normal;
4.2  Fault:The power is normal but the target cannot be detected normally?
      Solution:Check whether the radar installation direction is correct, and check it against the "structural direction                  definition"; use a dedicated FMCW simulator to check whether the radar output is normal.
4.3  Fault:There is no target in the detection area but there is a target signal output?
      Solution:Please check whether the radar installation position is aligned with the target area, causing the radar to be        interfered by surrounding objects; confirm whether the radar installation pole is vibrated, and check whether the             grounding is reasonable.

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