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Outdoor Dual Infrared Detector
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Products Introduction
Alean’s product is an outdoor intrusion detector composed of a special four-tech (infrared + infrared + microwave + application specific integrated circuit). Relying on its advanced high-level digital signal processing technology to process the signals of the three sensors, it has super stability. There are 3 different detection modes at 2 sensitivity levels to choose the best detection method for the on-site environment, and get the best ratio between the best detection capability and the lowest false alarm rate. The detector also has a B mode for microwave independent detection to avoid damage caused by spraying paint on the lens. Its unique waterproof design is very suitable for outdoor installation. At the same time, OTD-40T has other functions, such as microwave anti-blocking technology and alarm memory.
Dual infrared and microwave detection technology, microwave anti-blocking technology
Temperature linear compensation, anti-sunlight
Detection mode B: "OR"/"AND"
Optional detection sensitivity
Memory alarm mode
18-beam Fresnel lens on 4 planes
Anti-oxidation optical parts
Wall installation, corner installation
IP65 waterproof design

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