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Why install a security alarm system?

First of all, almost 80% of villa customers are currently buying, and security has become a standard feature of villas. "Security Alarm System" is a guarantee for the long-term safety of the family. According to incomplete statistics, there are usually thieves in the current community, and there are very few robbers. A thief usually steps on the spot before committing a crime, and he will compare which house burglary has a lower risk of being caught. A thief with a normal mind usually excludes the house with a "security alarm system" first.

In case almost all the owners of this community are equipped with "security alarm system", the thief has to do it in desperation. A good "security alarm system" will make the thief unable to avoid the security arrangement. Under normal circumstances, when a thief accidentally triggers the alarm, almost 100% of the thief will be scared away. Once the "security alarm system" is triggered, the triggered defense zone will have a very loud siren sounded immediately, and there will be a strong flashing flashing light when aiming at the triggered defense zone. Usually thieves will run away immediately when they encounter strong lights and loud sirens. After all, they are thieves, not robbers.

The "security alarm system" is a further deterrent to thieves on the basis of monitoring. The company recommends that all sales personnel try not to sell gas leak sensors, water leak sensors, and smoke sensors. Because these sensors are extremely professional fields, if the owner takes the initiative to purchase, it is also recommended that the owner must find a professional company to design and install and the professional company will perform regular maintenance. This is very important because the above sensors are not regularly maintained by a professional company. If it fails, I don’t know it will be very troublesome. Companies like smart home integrators are not enough in terms of sensor professional services.

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Shenzhen Alean Security Equipment Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer in security field of China. Our product range includes IR perimeter barrier, smart home alarm system, and burglar alarm products, the products & company are certified by CE,RoHS,CCC and ISO9001:2015.


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