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With the advancement of intelligent technology, the anti-theft alarm industry is rejuvenated
At present, artificial intelligence technology based on big data and machine learning is more and more widely used. The rapid development of technology makes many industries enter the era of intelligence, and the security alarm industry is no exception. Under the catalysis of artificial intelligence technology, the security alarm industry has shown new vitality.
Artificial intelligence empowered alarm system
The intelligent alarm system, video surveillance system, access control system, etc. together constitute a home security system. It can realize functions such as fire prevention, anti-theft, gas leak alarm and emergency help.
With the advantages of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, the security system can quickly identify behaviors that endanger the user's safety, such as smashing doors and broken windows. The alarm system can send information to the user's APP and give an alarm in time to protect the user's personal safety. It is worth mentioning that if the user forgets to close the door and someone sneaks in, the camera can identify strangers through the night vision function, infer the stranger, sound an alarm tone, and send the image to the user's mobile phone. The user can choose to send the alarm message to the police station or turn off the alarm tone.
Anti-theft alarm realizes linkage with other systems
Of course, just as the security system is no longer purely for security, the current alarm system is no longer limited to anti-theft.
While being more intelligent, the trend of individualization of the alarm system is becoming more and more obvious. At present, in order to facilitate the secondary development of users, most of the alarm hosts adopt modular settings, and the network module, GPRS module, voice module, home appliance control module, etc. can all be implemented by adding different modules. In addition to being integrated with smart homes, the alarm host also has functions such as SMS and voice, which can significantly improve the reliability of the system.
In the future, the design of the alarm operation system management platform will continue to expand. In addition to the usual property security, one-button emergency alarm and other functions, it may also unify the functions of vehicle positioning security alarm, home intelligent security alarm, and fire safety alarm. On the alarm platform, the required data is filtered through automatic or manual methods, and valuable information is extracted for use by various functional departments of the government.
False alarms are still an unavoidable technical difficulty
Of course, even now, alarm system products still generally have problems such as false alarms and omissions, unintuitive alarms, and unstable transmission. Among them, the problem of false alarms mainly occurs on the detectors of the alarm system, which always goes hand in hand with the alarm products, and is considered to be a technical difficulty that burglar alarms cannot avoid.
At this stage, there is no alarm system without false alarms, so more auxiliary means can only be used to ensure the effective alarm rate. At present, with the development of video technology and the reduction of costs, networked alarms are gradually implemented by means of video review. This method effectively alleviates unnecessary alarms caused by "false alarms". The transmission method can assist in solving the problem of "missing report".
However, each network communication transmission method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to solve the "false alarm" problem caused by different alarm transmission methods.
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