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Advantages of laser intrusion detectors in perimeter applications
In the application of perimeter protection, in addition to traditional infrared beams, infrared barriers, electronic fences, etc., there are also vibrating optical fibers, leaky cables, and laser intrusion detectors. The rich and diverse solutions provide users with more choices. Among them, laser beams have been widely used in perimeter applications in recent years due to their advantages of long-distance transmission, greater stability, and lower false alarms.

We all know that in the application of perimeter prevention, the detection distance and its stability are very important, and the laser intrusion detector that relies on laser as the detection light source has a longer detection distance and can maintain better stability and resistance. Advantages such as stronger interference ability. In practical applications, the laser intrusion detector has high emission power density, small divergence angle, concentrated beam, good directivity, and strong ability to penetrate rain and fog. The detection distance can reach hundreds of meters to several kilometers. It is more suitable in the application of long distance.

Of course, the actual detection distance of laser beams is also affected by the on-site environment. When the on-site environment is relatively open, the detection distance will be longer, and the longer the detection distance, it also means that the light and detection effect will be affected, so When choosing a laser beam detector, users should comprehensively consider various aspects such as detection distance, beam alignment method, anti-interference performance and operation and maintenance services.

ALEAN actively responds to market and user needs by launching a series of frequency conversion laser beam detectors, which not only better solve the current laser beam confrontation problem, but also adopts intelligent frequency conversion technology to prevent false alarms. The interference capability is stronger, and a more user-friendly solution is also provided in terms of detection distance, which can be customized according to the needs of the on-site environment (0-1000 meters optional). It can be widely used in smart rock, petroleum and petrochemical, military, railway crossing detection, substation and other fields.

In addition, the equipment also comes with universal function button", which can realize the functions of setting the beam frequency, setting the blocking time, setting the beam switch, and setting the anti-dismantling switch, which is convenient for debugging.

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