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Top 3 Security Industry Trends in 2021
In spite of a highly unusual 2020, the security industry's constant transformation has not stopped. Several significant shifts in the use of technology are even accelerating – for example the increase of multi-perception technologies, the convergence of security systems, the popularity of artificial intelligence, and the rise of cloud solutions.
How will security industry change in 2021? What trends should we expect to see? Pretty common questions to be asking in any industry this time of year, right?

1. Artificial intelligence
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are fundamentally changing the way that companies are doing business today - both in security and other industries. Whether we realise it or not, artificial intelligence plays a very active role in our daily lives. Every time we like a post on Facebook, ask Google a question, or get a product recommendation from Amazon, AI is somewhere in the background.
The security industry is catching up. AI-powered technology has a range of use cases including proactive monitoring, video analytics, false alarm filtering, improving operator efficiency, detecting anomalies and more.
2.Cloud technology and the Internet of Things
Mass remote working - enabled by the connectivity we now enjoy thanks to cloud computing and the Internet of Things. 
As businesses, employees and devices become more and more connected, relying increasingly on cloud solutions, the case for cyber security will only continue to grow; company data - and customer data - must remain secure, no matter where someone is working from. 
3.5G connectivity
The introduction of 5G networks will have a huge impact on the speed at which the security industry can operate. 
compared to 4G. 5G latency is extremely quick, so as 4G fades out and 5G grows, not only can security companies benefit from quicker data transfer, but the speed of remote work will also be improved. As a result, there’s an opportunity to receive and respond to security risks at an even faster rate, particularly for remote areas such as construction sites.
So there you have it, the trends to watch in 2021 and beyond. What’s clear is that technology is going to become increasingly important in security industry. By using the tools available to you, such as machine learning, the cloud and 5G, you have the opportunity to transform the level of security service you offer your customers. In a growing industry, make sure you stay ahead of the trends to ensure consistent growth for your business.

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