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Five intelligent security monitoring systems help home safety
With the rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards are constantly improving, so the demand for safety is becoming more and more urgent. In recent years, a number of intelligent security monitoring systems or products of varying degrees have emerged at home and abroad. It can also be seen from this that security monitoring systems are gradually moving from digital and networked to intelligent. Let's take a look at this smart community: the smart security monitoring system solution.
Intelligent security monitoring system solution
Intelligent security system is a comprehensive application of sensing technology, radio technology, fuzzy control technology and other technologies. It uses modern broadband information network and radio network platform to control home appliances, home environment control, home monitoring and monitoring, and home security. , Family information exchange, family entertainment, community management and service integration constitute an intelligent system product, which is a new product with strong technical and forward-looking. This system includes door magnetic sensors, infrared wide-angle detectors, infrared curtain detectors, etc., which is very suitable for communities.
A. Five systems of intelligent security monitoring
1. Anti-theft alarm system
The anti-theft alarm system detects personnel activities in the protected area through various intrusion detectors installed at the protection site. Once an intrusion is found, an alarm signal is generated to achieve the effect of anti-theft.
2. Video surveillance system
The video surveillance system uses image surveillance as a means to monitor and record on-site images in real time. The video surveillance system allows security personnel to intuitively grasp the on-site situation, and can analyze and collect evidence on the event through video playback. The video surveillance system is an important part of the security system. The current video surveillance system and the anti-theft alarm system are organically combined to form a more reliable surveillance system.
3. Entry and exit control system
The entrance and exit control system is also called the access control system. Its function is to control the entry and exit of personnel and also control the activities of personnel in the guarded area. In the guard area, you must use various types of access control cards, passwords, or use biometric technology to identify and confirm the control device before you can pass. The parking lot management system actually also belongs to the entrance and exit control system.
4. Building intercom system
The building intercom system provides two-way or visual communication, remote unlocking and alarm functions for visitors and indoor personnel.
5. Electronic Patrol System
In large buildings or indoor and outdoor places, there are many entrances and exits, and the personnel coming and going are complicated. Special personnel must be patrolled. More important places should be set up with patrol points or patrol routes, and patrols should be carried out on a regular basis. The electronic patrol system is that security personnel send patrol signals to the central control room at a designated time and place on a prescribed patrol route to indicate that they have patrolled related routes and locations.
B. Intelligent security monitoring function
1. Security: The security system can detect and notify the owner in advance of stranger intrusion, gas leaks, fires, etc.;
2. Simple: The operation is very simple. You can arm or disarm through the remote control or door controller.
3. Practical: The video surveillance system can rely on cameras installed outdoors to effectively prevent the thief from taking further actions, and it can also provide evidence to the police after the incident.
Video Surveillance
Video surveillance systems widely exist in public places such as banks, shopping malls, stations, and traffic intersections, but the actual surveillance tasks still require a lot of manual review to complete, and the existing video surveillance systems can often only achieve environmental monitoring. After that, we could only assist us in investigating and collecting evidence, and did not give full play to the real-time and initiative of monitoring. Preventive measures cannot be effectively implemented.
IoT intelligent security monitoring system
The intelligent security monitoring system of the Internet of Things can analyze, track, and identify monitored objects in real time, and prompt and report when abnormal events occur, providing support for timely decision-making and correct actions by government departments and the security field. The "intelligence" of video surveillance appears particularly important.
C. Advantages of Smart Security System
Everyone knows that video surveillance systems have been spread all over the country, whether in public places such as banks, shopping malls, traffic lights, etc., this is just the initial stage of security, after all, the actual surveillance tasks require more manual work to complete, and the current surveillance video is usually It's just recording, providing information, and can only be used for evidence collection. This is enough to prove that the real-time and initiative have not been fully exerted. In order to analyze, track, and distinguish the monitored objects in real time, and promptly prompt and give alarms immediately when abnormal events occur, so that we can take corrective and rapid protective actions. .
So whether it is video surveillance, it needs to be intelligent.
So what are the advantages of intelligent monitoring?
It is simple and practical to detect the intrusion of strangers, fires, gas leaks and other situations timely and notify the owners by mobile phone alarm.
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