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The magnetic door sensor working principle and installation method
Door sensor is a safety alarm system, divided into door sensor and window sensor.
The door sensor is actually the abbreviation of door sensor switch.
It consists of two parts: the smaller part is a permanent magnet, and there is a permanent magnet inside to generate a constant magnetic field. The larger one is the main body of the door sensor, which has a normally open reed switch inside. When the permanent magnet and the reed switch are very close (less than 5MM), the door sensor is in the working standby state, when the permanent magnet leaves the reed switch. After a certain distance, the tube is in the normally open state. Magnets and reed switches are installed in the door frame and door leaf, or in the window sash, basically embedded installation (also surface-mounted), so people in the industry are generally not able to notice these.
The rolling door has a special magnetic door sensor, which can be easily installed on the rolling door. 
Firstly install and fix the "magnet" on the inner side of the rolling door, then install and fix the "reed switch sensor" on the ground. When the rolling door is closed, the "magnet" and the "reed switch sensor" distance should be less than 2 cm. 
The "wireless signal transmitter" is connected to the "reed switch sensor" through a soft steel sheath. The "wireless signal transmitter" must be installed where the host can receive wireless signals. If the host is too far away from the "wireless signal transmitter" or there is shielding between them, can lengthen the connection wires between the "wireless signal transmitter" and the "reed switch sensor". 
If the user lives on the 6th floor, the garage is on the first floor, then can extend the connection wires to the households on the 6th floor, and install the "wireless signal transmitter" in the users' home, so that the host can receive the wireless signal.
Door sensor installation method:
The door sensor detector is installed on the movable door and window. Firstly, wipe and clean the corresponding position of the door and window, then stick the door sensor firmly with double-sided adhesive, or fix it with screws.
If it is a wireless door sensor, please pay attention to:
1. Wireless door sensor detector A (transmitter) and wireless door sensor detector B (magnet) should be installed separately, that is, the transmitter should be installed on a fixed door or window, and the magnet should be installed on a movable door or window.
2. The magnet and the transmitter are centered up and down, and the distance between the two should not be less than 10mm.
3. When the door sensor is used in other places, you can use it flexibly according to the situation.
If it is a wired door sensor, the installation method is basically the same, the only difference is that the output signal should be connected to the alarm control host.
For the door sensor, the signal output is generally regardless of positive or negative, directly connected to the input terminal of the host. The door magnetic detectors appearance is different for every manufacturers, but the working principle and using method are the same. 
So you only need to pay attention to the transmission distance of the wireless door sensor to avoid false reporting due to insufficient transmission distance.
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