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Commonly Used Perimeter Guard And Alarm System

Speaking of the perimeter protection system, the first thing you think of may be the infrared alarm system, followed by the electronic fence system. In fact, the application of infrared alarm systems in perimeter protection is gradually decreasing. The electronic fence system gradually replaces the perimeter infrared alarm system. In fact, except for this Two systems, what are the other subsystems of the perimeter defense system? Today, I will focus on some common systems in the perimeter defense system.

1. Overview of the security system
Often said that the security system has three defenses: "human defense, physical defense, and technical defense". The main definitions are as follows:
Civil air defense: It is the basis of safety precautions. The traditional "human defense" refers to the display of human's natural ability in security work. That is: use the human senses to detect and respond, and postpone and prevent the occurrence of risk events through the exertion of human physical ability. Modern "civil defense" refers to an organized prevention behavior of personnel and/or groups of personnel with corresponding qualities who perform security precaution tasks, including the training of high-quality personnel, the configuration of advanced self-defense equipment, and the organization and management of personnel Wait.
Material defense: Various physical protection methods (including buildings (structures), barriers, appliances, equipment, systems, etc.) that are used for security purposes and can delay the occurrence of risk events.
Technical defense: the use of various electronic information equipment to form a system and/or network to improve the detection, delay, response capabilities and protection functions of security measures.
2. Purpose of perimeter prevention
It mainly realizes that when someone climbs and crosses a predetermined defense zone, it can reliably alarm when an intrusion occurs, and can link the video monitoring system to accurately locate the alarm area, and when no one is climbing, even in severe weather such as wind, rain, snow, and lightning The alarm system will not generate false alarms when driving down and when vehicles pass and small animals appear.
According to the 3.3.3 function of the main subsystems of the security protection system in the "Technical Specification for Security Protection Engineering GB 50348-2004", the important entry of the intrusion alarm subsystem: the system must not have missing alarms, and the false alarm rate should meet the requirements of the engineering contract.
3. Technical classification of perimeter prevention system
Classified by signal source
According to the electromagnetic environment change detection: tension net, hydraulic buried detection, vibrating cable, vibrating optical cable.
According to the electromagnetic environment change detection: microwave radiation, buried leakage cables, electrostatic induction cables, high-voltage pulsed power grid (electronic fence)
According to light intensity change detection: infrared beam, laser beam
According to the detector form
Tangible: tension nets, vibrating cables, vibrating optical cables, static induction cables, electronic fences.
Invisible: infrared beam, laser beam, microwave beam, buried leakage cable, hydraulic buried detection

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