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New Standard POE Triple Beam Detector
POE since used in security Surveillance, and with big successfully, now for Alarm industry also adopt with this tech.

For traditional networking alarm proejcts, it need network devices, cables, power equipements etc. And if with 220v strong voltage, it will have safety problem.
In order to solve this problem, the POE detectors break into your eyes.
POE refers to the transmission of data signals for some IP network devices (such as IP phones, wireless APs, network cameras, etc.) without any changes to the Ethernet cabling infrastructure, while also providing DC power supply technology for such devices .
The latest standard specification that uses the existing standard Ethernet transmission cable to transmit data and electric power at the same time, and maintains the compatibility with the existing Ethernet system and users.
802.3af standard and 802.3at 

Receiver of POE Beam Detector Wire Connection:

Advantage of POE Detector
Simplified for installation.
Save labor cost
Integrated powersupply
More safety.
Support 12236, 4578 Power supply, standard POE AF / AT.
External power supply: 12-24V
Relay: 1CH relay output, able to linkge with oTher alarm devices(NC/NO optional).
DC12V Power supply: able to have 1CH output, can be power supply for POE Beam Detector Transmitter.
Frequency: 4channel frequencies
Interruption time: 30ms/10ms/300ms/700ms optional.
Buzzer: built in buzzer, when alarm occured, it will beeps.
IP Grade: IP65
Detecting distance: 100M/150M/250M Max.
Detecting method: simultaneous interruption of 3 infrared beams.

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