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Smoke alarms prevent fires and make users safe and secure
With the increase of modern household fire and electricity consumption, the frequency of household fires is getting higher and higher. Once a home fire occurs, it is prone to unfavorable factors such as delayed fire fighting, lack of fire-fighting equipment, panic and delayed escape among the people present, which will eventually lead to major losses of life and property. The main cause of domestic fires is paralysis and failure to take preventive measures in time.
The smoke alarm is an inductive sensor used to detect smoke. In the event of a fire hazard, the internal electronic speaker will alert people in time.
In some large and medium-sized cities in our country, home fires occur almost every day, so fire prevention is an issue that every family must pay attention to at all times.
If simple fire prevention measures can be taken in advance according to the actual situation of each house, some tragedies can be completely avoided.
Statistics from the fire department show that, among all fires, household fires have accounted for about 30% of all fires in the country. There are many reasons for family fires, and they may be in places where we notice it, or they may be hidden in places we don't even notice.
If smoke alarms are widely used in civil houses, the serious losses caused by fires can be effectively reduced.
According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, in 1997, there were more than 230 million smoke alarms in use in the United States. More than one smoke alarm is installed in 94% of residential houses.
94% means that 15 of the 16 residential houses are in use. 80% of accidental fire deaths occurred in residential buildings. Every year, nearly 800 children under the age of 14 die from fires, an average of 17 per week.
In residential houses equipped with independent smoke detectors, the chance of escape has increased by nearly 50%.
Among the 6% of residential buildings without smoke alarms, the death toll accounted for half of the total death toll.
Fires have brought huge losses to human society. More and more people choose to install modern automatic fire alarm equipment to protect their safety.
Below I will give you a brief introduction to its functions and functions.
The basic principle of a smoke alarm is to monitor the concentration of smoke in the surrounding environment in real time, and an alarm will be issued when the concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm value.
In some fires, there will be a time course for smoke concentration to increase. Therefore, smoke alarms are suitable for places where there is a smoldering stage at the beginning of the fire, a large amount of smoke and a small amount of heat are generated, and there is no or little flame radiation. Common places: hotels, teaching buildings, offices, bedrooms, computer rooms, communication rooms, elevator rooms, weak current rooms, movie theaters and other places with potential fire hazards.
Discussing the characteristics of family fires and fire prevention countermeasures is of practical significance for preventing family fires and reducing fire losses. In modern urban families, many people do not understand family safety knowledge to cause fire accidents, and good and happy families are destroyed in an instant. The main causes of casualties are the improper handling and the delay in reporting to the police once a household fire occurs.
Therefore, people should actively understand the main causes of home fires, master the knowledge to prevent fires and the methods to protect themselves in the event of a fire, and eliminate them in time.
There are more than 50,000 serious home fires in the UK every year, most of which cause casualties and major family property losses, and some also affect the neighbors and even more serious fire losses. When investigating the cause of the fire, most of the parties involved in the fire family said that they used to think that the fire was a matter of others and was far away from them. They did not expect it to happen to themselves this time.
The main cause of domestic fires is paralysis and failure to take preventive measures in time.
If simple fire prevention measures can be taken in advance according to the actual situation of your home, some tragedies can be completely avoided.
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