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10th Anniversary Celebration and Award Ceremony of Shenzhen Alean Security Equipment Co., Ltd
On the afternoon of December 27th, the 10th Anniversary Celebration and Award Ceremony of Shenzhen Alean Security Equipment Co., Ltd. was grandly held at Mission Hills Resort Hotel. On the event, more than 500 people from industry leaders, supply chain partners, channel partners, industry media, friends who care about and support Alean, all employees, and their family members participated graciously to witness the important moment of Alean’s 10th anniversary. The event was also broadcast live simultaneously. The scale of the event was magnificent and the program was brilliant.  

In the guest speech session, Deng Wenjie, the executive vice president of Shenzhen Security Industry Association, took the stage and gave a speech. He first expressed his concern and congratulations on the tenth anniversary of Alean’s establishment, and expressed a warm welcome to the guests on site. In his speech, he also expressed his affirmation of Alean’s  outstanding contribution to the security industry over the past 10 years, and was full of expectations for the company’s future development. He believed that under the leadership of the company’s chairman, Mr. Yuan, everyone with the joint efforts of the company, Alean will surely usher in a better future.
After a round of warm applause, Alean Chairman Yuan Xiaoping came to the stage. He first welcomed the guests and expressed his sincere thanks to everyone for their support and company over the past 10 years and gave his speech. In the speech, he recalled the ups and downs that Alean had gone through since its establishment, and said that with the hard work of partners and all employees, with the care and support of partners, the company has experienced a vigorous development. The history of the company has realized the gorgeous transformation. Over the past 10 years, we have made in-depth layouts in R&D, channels, manufacturing, and talents, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development, winning greater opportunities, and the company has also achieved fruitful results. He said that Alean now has a pivotal position in the alarm industry, with greater confidence and development motivation; corporate performance is booming, output value has risen year after year; it has been awarded the top 10 security brands for 9 consecutive years, and its influence has greatly increased.
After 10 years of hard work, the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the strong support and cooperation of upstream and downstream partners, and the joint efforts of all employees who accompany along the way. Alean’s monument is engraved with their loyalty mark. They also have a strong mark on their military medal.
At the festive moment, the wonderful performances are indispensable: the opening street dance show is full of dynamic, instantly igniting the passion of the scene, and the people are full of passion; the self-made Dunhuang dance is magnificent and magnificent, showing the good spirit of the Alean people;

New journey, new mission. In the dream-building session, in the brilliant lighting and exciting music, Aean Chairman Mr.Yuan and the company’s core management came to the stage to start the next better decade. For the greater dream of the company, all of us will go all out, ride the wind and waves, and move forward!
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Shenzhen Alean Security Equipment Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer in security field of China. Our product range includes IR perimeter barrier, smart home alarm system, and burglar alarm products, the products & company are certified by CE,RoHS,CCC and ISO9001:2015.


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