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Hight Level IP67 Explosion proof ABL-J series Visible Laser Fence Detector

Alean released new Visible laser light Intrusion Detector which is  Alean self innvoated, designed & produced with pattern products.  
For Laser lens, it has 980nm/830nm/660nm for the wavelength. If its invisible laser the wavelength is 980nm. visible laser is 660nm. The MTBF >130000 hours, very long range lifetime.
There are too many features for the new model:  
Its able to has the visible red light send out from the transmitter. The big advantage is laser light straight & long distance, the 1000m model also available now. So the performance is really high. And very convenient for the alignment, save labor& save time.
Laser Detector also able to bypass any of beams. For example if user has a tree over the first beam, the installation position can not change, then user able to set the 1st beam off mode, thats flexible for the environment.
Another point is laser detector able to set the alarm trigger condition, like block adjacent 1beam or 2/3beam and then give out alarm. Some environment like door or entrance, we can set block adjacent 2beams then give out alarm. For wall or other places can be set block 1 or 3beams give out alarm. Depend on user requirement.
And user able view the signal status or function setting mode through the digital display on the top of the receiver.
If compared with the traditional Photoelectric Infrared Beams, its really have more advantages, however the cost also is high. So when user chooses the perimeter protection solution, you can inquiry us before purchasing. Here is the link for the 10 laser fence detector:


For more inquiry, you may mail to us: info@alean.cn

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